Inspiration for #CompSci: Videos, Articles and Books

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#Inspiration for CompSci: Videos
Computer science is changing everything by   

Teach girls bravery, not perfection | Reshma Saujani

Let’s teach for mastery — not test scores – Sal Khan of Khan Academy   

Code is language, we should teach it that way. | Tim Mask | TEDxAntioch
Coding is the universal language (3m59).  Are we moving the right way (5m50).  Artificial wall between technical and creative.  

Computer science education: why does it suck so much and what if it didn’t? | Ashley Gavin

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#Inspiration for CompSci: Articles

Girls into Stem:
STEM as I see it – Amy Mather
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#Inspiration for #CompSci: Books  – Links with more info here…

Computer Science: An Overview
I wanted a first year university text to improve my subject knowledge. I am really pleased with this book, as it’s for both computer science students and from other disciplines to learn about the detail and breadth of computer science.

The Talent Code: Greatness isn’t born. It’s grown

Chris Roffey’s Python Coding Books:

“Here be Dragons” by Chris Leach

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