Ladylumleys’ Digital Leaders’ A-maz-ing-day @BETT2015

The future is BASIC … I can see…

My main gotcha from #BETT2015, apart from the massive buzz of being on the panel in the main arena, was this:


There are several reasons for my excitement. More

Digital Leaders at #BETT15 #DLsBETT15

There is a lot going on – see here for DL related activities at BETT15.

I am going to be tasking my LLS DLs with gaining evidence for 2 of their badges at BETT15 –

Networker Badge / Level 2 (click to see details)
This fits with everything they will be doing on the day

Reviewer Badge / Level 2 (click to see details)
Their choice but perhaps tablets / computing apps / computing resources / latest tech working in pairs

(the full range of Level 2 badges is here with suggested evidence)

my roadmap links explain all about these and the badges on makewaves.

@Jodieworld’s post Digital Leaders at BETT – get involved in the conversation! – #DLsBETT15 outlines further activities.

Earning your Digital Leader #openbadges

First, log into Makewaves. Then click on this link to see all 18 available badges:


Choose your badge mission. If you are a LLS DL, it will be a level 2 badge (although you have evidence for Level 2 you probably have enough for a Level 1 badge too). More


“Dear Google UK Limited,

We are writing to you to ask about an opportunity to talk at your stand, E240, on Friday the 23rd of January 2015 at BETT 2015. More

Managing Digital Leaders using Google Apps for Education

LLS DLs have been working hard this term to provide evidence to start to gain their #DLOpenBadges. We thought it would be useful to show how we manage ourselves on a weekly basis including how we use Google Apps for Education.

LLS DLs gave a copy of this year’s poster to each teacher at their RiskIT 4 a Biscuit talk.LLS Digital Leaders 2014-15

Management Meetings:
Our senior DLs (who have been DLs for 2 or more years) meet during Monday tutor times (15 mins) for their management meeting, and Year 7 DLs meet during Thursday tutor time for their management meeting.   All DLs have access to a shared drive on Google Apps with the most important being a Shared Project doc. Like a home page of a website, this is the go-to place to find out what is going on, especially if you have to miss a meeting. With it being a google doc, it is very easy to link to other pages and documents of interest. More

RiskIT 4 a Biscuit talk by LLS Digital Leaders to Teachers Fri 21st Nov14

Thank you to Ines, Sam and Olly for presenting to staff this morning.

Pls reply to make your pledge (pls delete the day / add the software…)
Dear LLS Digital Leaders,
I’ll RiskIT for a biscuit
next Wednesday
next Thursday
to learn this software:__
…. More

Digital Leaders – this year’s plan – Fully Qualified Digital Leaders

photoYesterday evening, I watched as some of our Lady Lumley’s Digital Leaders essentially ran the Computing Department’s Open Evening. Our Lead Governor for teaching and learning spent half an hour talking with them and there may be an invite to talk to the governors of our biggest feeder primary – Pickering Community Junior School.  Several students from PCJS immediately logged on to Makewaves and started showing their parents how they were using the site and enjoying using the social media tools with their friends. On Monday, LLS DLs will be running the Year 7 assembly and inviting up to 12 Y7s to join them as Digital Leaders in the next couple of years. On Tuesday I visited PCJS – part of a monthly commitment this year – to see their 25+ DLs working at their after-school club and discuss with their digital leader coordinator Mrs Gow about using Makewaves with years five and six and developing the use of Level 1 #DLopenbadges to show the achievements of PCJS digital leaders. More

Digital Leaders – a few students who help out or a great strategy to improve your school’s computing and ICT as well as develop your young people?

We now have a framework and complete set of Level 1 and Level 2 Digital Leader Open Badges. These are available for consultation during September and will be available via the Makewaves platform from the beginning of October.








I would like to outline my vision for developing Digital Leaders in my school and our main feeder primary using these badges. I want my students to qualify as level 2 Digital Leaders in the next 12 to 18 months. I also want the plan to be sustainable to continue producing Digital Leaders with ongoing capacity to improve ICT within both schools.

I am not going to worry about Level 1 badges. I know my Digital Leaders have been working and are capable of working at Level 2 and that is what I am going to get them working on.

There are nine badges:

Safeguarder More

Y7 Digital Leaders are welcomed by PCJS Digital Leaders 

Our DLs know they are special, because due to the hard work of Mrs Gow at Pickering DLsY3T3_PCJSCommunity Junior School, we have Digital Leaders in our biggest feeder Primary School as well as at Lady Lumley’s.  We had heard exciting news about the new ICT suite at PCJS, so we were looking forward to seeing the new room.
However, it is about developing young people rather than the technology, so as you can see from the comments below, there was greater excitement about seeing friends and ex-teachers.